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                地质勘查中心:倪  俊 13645177798  


                王云亮 15952008093

                经营技术部 : 杭  程 15850632601

                综合部: 韦鑫叶 13913901231

                bob网赌: 煤层气钻井

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                【装 备】



                    钻深能力:φ89mm钻杆 2000m

                    φ127mm钻杆 1500m;






                Solid Minerals and Geological Prospecting: Solid Minerals and Geological Prospecting is geological work which provides mineral resources/ reserve for mine construction design and necessary geological information such as mining methods, to reduce development risk and maximum economic benefit. Solid Minerals and Geological Prospecting can be divided into four phases: pre-survey, general survey, detailed survey, prospecting.

                The goals and missions of various solid exploration phases Pre-survey: Via comprehensive research, analogy, and preliminary field observation on the information in the mining district and few Engineering Validation Test, pre-survey is to initiate the vision of mining resources in the district, mark the potential mineralization area for general survey, and provide reference data for developing local economy.General survey: Via geological, geophysical prospecting, geochemical exploration and sampling engineering in the potential mineralization area and outlined research on the feasibility evaluation, general survey is to make a preliminary evaluation on the known mineralization area, draw a boundary for the detailed survey and provide basic information for developing local economy.

                Detailed survey: Via all kinds of prospecting means and methods in the mining area, detailed survey is to work and take samples systematically, judge whether the area has industrial value through pre-feasibility study, circle the prospecting area, provide the basis for prospecting, and offer the information for making overall mining planning and the project proposal.Prospecting: Via various prospecting means and methods, prospecting is to encrypt all sorts of sampling engineering and feasibility study on known mining area with industrial value or circled prospecting area by detailed survey, and provide basis for mine construction in the terms of mine production scale, product solution, exploration pattern, development plan, mineral processing and smelting methods, overall mining layout, mine construction design and so on.Technical methods Mapping, geophysical survey, geological remote sensing, geophysical exploration,geochemical prospecting, trenching, shaft prospecting, pit test, drilling, sampling, geotechnical test.

                Exploration Mineral Kinds

                The main mineral kinds our company expert in are: iron, manganese,chromium, bauxite; copper, lead, zinc, silver, nickel, tungsten, tin, molybdenum; gold, rare earth metal.

                Technology and Services

                Our company has more than fifty years experience in geological prospecting and found lead and zinc deposit in Qixia Mountain, copper mine in Funiu Mountain and a series of medium-sized mine. In recent years, our company made a major breakthrough in the geological prospecting in Africa and south-east Asia, which included alluvial tin mine in Manono area, D.R.CONGO, gold mine in Siguiri,Guinea, gravel mine and rare-earth mine in Mozambique, laterite mine in Philippines, gold and iron mine in Indonesia and so on.Our company carries out QHSE management system and is subject to the quality supervision of SRK consulting company.

                Major Equipment: Laptop, DSLR (Nikon5100), digital camera (NikonS3100, SonyW570), compass, magnifier and so on.